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  雅思口语第一部分高频话题,经常围绕考生的Personal Infor?mation展开,包括:
  学习工作类,如what is your opinion about your job/major 。
  兴趣爱好类,如What do you usually do in your free time 。
  家乡背景类介绍,如can you say something different about your hometown。
  Work or studies
  毫无例外地,work or studies保持着每年甚至每场必问的高频率。其实询问关于工作和学习的状况一直被看作是正式考试前的一个必经步骤,是考官正式开始对话前的一个铺垫。同时,这也是考官决定将要在接下来的时间里问你哪些话题而不问哪些话题的一个指示灯。换言之,如果你是工作人士,考官自然不会过多地把话题主动涉及到喜欢的学科和学校等,而是更多地关注生活和工作等方面。如果你是一个高中生,考官也不会刻意去问你关于员工福利、加班工作等问题。但是我们要意识到一点,作为整场考试的一个开端,它决定了考官对你的第一印象。夸张点说,考生一张嘴,考官就默默地在心里开始给你打分了。所以严肃认真对待第一部分的第一个话题是每个考生的任务。由于每一类话题的题量较多,我们只选择其中一部分题目进行分析。
  Q1: What work do you do?
  A: I’m working as an accountant in a private company now and I have been in this position for more than two years. Besides, it’s actually my first job.
  Q2: Why did you choose to do that type of work?
  A: Well, accounting was my major in university and it seems natural to be an accountant. More importantly, I love this major and, of course, this work, because it’s actually rewarding, particularly when we, all accountants, wrap up the year-end financial statement. It’s like I’ve done a huge work that significantly affects the whole company.
  Q1: What subject are you studying?
  A: (高中生)I’m studying a range of subjects like maths, chemistry, biology and English, and I like most of them, particularly maths. Every time I work out a hard question, I can feel greatly rewarded.
  A:(大学生)Well,my major is management accounting,so I learn a lot of subjects related to management like fundamental accounting for management decisions and so on.
  Q2: Do you prefer to study in the mornings or in the afternoons?
  A: I definitely prefer to study in the mornings because my mind is clear and I  can easily stay focused with a clear mind. However, if I study in the afternoon, particularly after half-day work or other activities,I can hardly put myself completely in study bacause I feel exhausted.
  Home or Accommodation
  Q1: What kind of housing do you live in? /Do you live in a house or a flat?
  A: I live in a flat with my parents now and we have been living in this flat for almost ten years.
  A: Now I live in a dorm with another five girls in university. We are all good friends and most of the time we eat together and have classes at the same time, so it’s really nice living in a dorm.
  Q2: Are the transport facilities to your home very good?
  A: I would say yes. There are several buses coming to my home and I can reach quite a lot most-visited places in my city. Also, there a subway line going near my home so I can catch the subway on conditions of rainy or snowy days.
  Q3: What part of your home do you like the most?
  A: My bedroom is obviously my favourite. It’s like my own little world where I can enjoy my privacy and time completely. I do assignments and enjoy movies at my desk, play my guitar near my windows, and when I’m tired, I just lie in bed and read a novel. It offers me peace so I fancy my bedroom most.
  Q1: What’s your hometown?
  A: My hometown is Qingdao, a coastal city in the east of Shandong province. I was born there and I have lived there for the first ten years of my life.
  Q2: Is it a big city or a small city?
  A: I would say it’s a big city, but not that big like Beijing or Shanghai. It’s a quite chic and cool city because you can spot architectures in German style and typical Chinese buildings at the same time. It’s a rather unique experience visiting different parts of Qingdao as you may experience different cultures and times, which you can’t have in many other cities.
  Q3: Is there anything you dislike about it?
  A: Yes, there is. It’s the traffic that bothers me lot. I’m not saying that there’s much traffic. I’m saying that there are countless one-way streets in city, in outskirt, in everywhere. People like me who are not familiar with these streets break traffic rules, and apparently are fined several times a day just because of those one-way streets. So I really think that relevant authorities should re-consider the rules.
  Q1: How many hours do you sleep every day?
  A: Mostly, I sleep 8 hours on average every day. But my sleeping time often varies if I’m in revision week or holidays. I mean, if I have much work to do, I could stay rather late at night and probably sleep for only 4 hours. And on public holidays I could sleep up to 12 hours if I don't have schedule.
  Q2: Do you think it is necessary to take a nap at noon?
  A: Yes, absolutely. I think taking a nap allows us to refresh and recharge ourselves so we can stay focused on what we are going to do, particular during workdays. Besides, it benefits our health bacause our bodies can have a little break and our  mind can just be relaxed.
  Q3: Do old people sleep a lot? Why?
  A: I don't think they actually sleep a lot. Like my grandparents, they sleep at 11 at night and get up at 5 or 6 in the morning. I guess they can’t sleep a lot because they don't consume as much energy as working people or kids. And it may also because their organs work slower and can’t afford to give the elder people a long sleep.
  关于姓名的话题一直是很多考生的绊脚石。不是因为题目太难,而是很多考生在考官最初见到你问你姓名时错误地把有关名字的问题一并答了出来。也就是说,明明考官只是在刚见到你时问你叫什么,很多考生直接不假思索的回答“我的名字是xxx,我爸给起的名,他希望我成为一个…”,这显然是在直截了当的告诉考官“我把Part 1准备得太过头了!”所以考生切不可多答,而是当考官问起来相关的问题再去回答,不要多此一举。我们还是拿三个问题来分析,看看如何回答。
  Q1: Who gave you your name?
  A: My name was given by my grandpa and I heard that he looked up each word in a dictionary in order to give me a good name.
  Q2: Does your name have any particular meaning?
  A: Yes. My dad told me that he gave me this name to want me to live happily and don't be bothered by disgusting things.
  A: Well, actually my name has nothing special. My dad gave me this name simply because he thought it was easy to pronounce.
  Q3: Who usually names babies in your country?
  A: It varies. In some families, it is parents who usually name babies while in some other families like my family,it is grandparents who often give babies names. But, there’s also a special situation in China that some families, those doing business in particular, would like a fortune teller to name their babies.
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